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*Flight* *Flight*

Rated 5 / 5 stars


played it through twice

the second time I HAD to beat the country time achievements, won in 20 days!
longest flight was 7000m at which point I crashed on purpose because I was tired :/

10/10 - sucked me in for like 2 hours,
I didnt like the end as much, santa framed the guitar hobos music, and didnt ever get the girls letter. I thought at first when it got to the french dude, he was gonna see the letter then pass on the original message, which would have been endearing. Instead the narcissistic asswipe conjures the image of some Parisian street walker and perverts the original sweet message. And then the Arabian guy is clearly insane, possibly schizophrenic judging by his thoughts and reactions.

good game tho, pretty cool

hidden level was my favorite.